The Melbourne Processwork Centre (MPWC) was founded in 2014 to promote and deliver high standards of service in psychotherapy, coaching, training, and facilitation, using the Processwork methodology (also known as Process Oriented Psychology).


We provide individual psychotherapy, relationship therapy, coaching, facilitation of groups and organisations, and personal and professional development workshops, and training in Process-Oriented Coaching.

We deliver face-to-face therapy and coaching in CarltonOnline sessions and coaching are available.
For information about how to book a session or make an enquiry, and a map with our location, visit the contact page.



Processwork was originally developed by physicist and Jungian analyst Dr Arnold Mindell as a paradigm for working therapeutically with individuals. Over time it has evolved in its applications and methods to also include working therapeutically with relationships, people in coma and near death states, and to work with processes of change through individual coaching, group facilitation, large-scale conflict transformation, and organisational development.


It’s a comprehensive awareness framework drawing from Jungian and Gestalt psychologies, sociology, systems and communications theory, Taoist philosophy, indigenous knowledge, and physics.


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