Grzegorz Zielinski

Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Coach


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Grzegorz (pron: zhe-gosh) works in English and Polish.



Grzegorz (pron: zhe-gosh) is a certified psychotherapist, coach and facilitator. 

He is a Clinical Member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA). He is also a member of the International Association of Process Oriented Psychology (IAPOP) and the Polish Association of Psychotherapists and Practitioners of Process Psychology (PSPiPPP).

Grzegorz graduated from the Institute of Applied Social Sciences of the University of Warsaw with a Masters in Sociology, specialising in therapy and conflict resolution.


Grzegorz has been in private practice as a psychotherapist since 2003, offering individual, relationship and couples psychotherapy. He works with people of all ages (from mid-teens), sexual orientation, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and religions. He works in both English or Polish, face-to-face and via Skype. Grzegorz also offers a specialised Short-Term Therapy for Motivation Issues program.

I perceive psychotherapy as an opportunity to discover that what happens to us has meaning. And that this discovery, assisted with skills, curiosity and support from a therapist, can show us how to express and live this meaning. Throughout my psychotherapy practice I have found the discovery of meaning and having a safe and supportive space to experience one’s own self, a big part of what makes psychotherapy so useful for many.

From 2003 to 2015 Grzegorz was working at the Poza Centrum – Psychotherapy and Coaching Centre in Warsaw, Poland. In October 2015 he moved to Melbourne and joined the Melbourne Processwork Centre. 


Grzegorz is a faculty member of  ANZPOP – Australia and New Zealand Process Oriented Psychology. He is also a faculty member and supervisor at the Institute for Process Oriented Psychology Poland, and a faculty member of the Process Work Institute of India.

Grzegorz also teaches Processwork and runs a variety of personal growth workshops. Prior to moving to Australia, he was a teacher of the two-year Certificate in Processwork Psychotherapy in Wrocław, Poland.

Grzegorz developed a series of workshops entitled the Psychology of Career and a short-term therapy model for people working on issues of motivation. He was also the co-developer of a specialised program about feedback, delivered in the organisational context (companies including Colliers, Saint-Gobain, and Motul), and as workshops and lectures open to the general public.


Since 2012 Grzegorz has also been working as a coach using the unique Processwork Coaching model developed by Joanna Dulinska and Michał Duda from the Institute for Process Oriented Psychology in Poland. He achieved a Certificate in Process Oriented Coaching. Grzegorz also supervises students in the Polish coaching program.

I found coaching very exciting in the ways it differs from psychotherapy. In psychotherapy I am focused with my client on the here-and-now, exploring mainly difficulties and marginalisation. In coaching, the here-and-now and coachee’s experience is just one factor serving the main goal – to achieve the coachee’s project – to make actual, concrete change in the world. So we are constantly working between future and now, and between depth and surface behaviours, where the coachee-coach relationship is based on cooperation and teamwork.

Grzegorz also trains people in the Process-Oriented Coaching Program through MPWC, in conjunction with ANZPOP.


Grzegorz has a Certificate in Facilitation from Institute for Process Oriented Psychology. He has a strong interest in social issues.
He was the co-founder of the Social Dialogue Centre in the Polish Association of Psychotherapist and Practitioners of Process Psychology, through which he facilitated and co-facilitated many public debates, open forums and group processes.

Before stepping into the role of professional facilitator I was for many years an activist. I was disturbed by how I and others were stuck on polarised and opposite ‘sides’. After beginning my training in process oriented psychology, I felt at home and relieved by the idea of the dreamland level, where all roles in the field are here and now inside us, no matter if we identify with them or not. For me, facilitation allows flexibility in momentary changing roles, challenging identity, learning others’ points of view – and the more fascinating and difficult – values and feelings of others. Doing this with groups of people, members of organisations, and communities, is a rewarding experience.

Grzegorz continues to grow his skills and experience through participating in ongoing training and regular supervision.

He likes to learn and to be bored. He doesn’t like wearing name badges and dreams of being an astronaut.

Qualification Summary

  • International Diploma in Process Oriented Psychology
  • Certified Psychotherapist
  • Certified Coach
  • Certified Facilitator
  • Masters in Sociology

Membership Summary



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