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Liz Scarfe

Psychotherapist, Trainer, Coach, Facilitator

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Sessions: online.

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Liz founded the Melbourne Processwork Centre in 2014 out of her passion for the Processwork model and what it has to offer not only in the therapeutic setting, but in the community, organisational, and social change settings. Her goal for MPWC is to support the development and expansion of Processwork while maintaining the rigour of its training and accreditation standards.


In her therapy practice, Liz sees a wide range of people and issues, and specialises in trauma, abuse and neglect using a post-traumatic growth approach (read more about Liz’s trauma therapy practice at her dedicated page Cultivating Confidence).

She is a diversity-friendly and diversity competent therapist and works with people over the age of 12 years. Liz is experienced working with people from marginalised groups; people in non-monogamous relationship structures; people with diverse gender and sexual identities; people with kink interests; and people in marginalised occupations (i.e. sex workers).

Liz works within a liberatory framework, meaning where appropriate, she works with clients to understand how broader social dynamics impact on wellbeing, rather than the dominant mainstream perspective whereby the issues presented to therapy are the fault, failing or personal misfortune of the client.

Liz qualified as a psychotherapist through Australia New Zealand Process-Oriented Psychology and is registered member of the Psychotherapy and Counsellors Federation of Australia. She engages in ongoing clinical supervision, professional development, and her own personal therapy.

Therapy fees are $154 AUS (including GST) per 50 min session (full fees apply to cancellations with less than 24-hour notice) available Tue-Thu 11am to 7pm. See full details here.

Coaching and Mentoring

Liz also provides individual coaching (including workplace sponsored) for people in transition or needing help to develop or complete a project, as well as one-on-one skill development mentoring in leadership, communication, conflict, group and team facilitation, and personal power.

Liz specialises in coaching and mentoring helping professionals (therapists of all kinds, facilitators, coaches, healers) looking to move into or further develop a private practice.

Liz studied the Process-Oriented Coaching Model as developed by Processwork Diplomates Michał Duda and Joanna Dulinska. It draws together the sophisticated awareness framework of Processwork, with the concrete goal-driven focus of coaching, to not only ensure the goals clients are working towards are aligned with their deepest purpose in life, but that they are transformed by the process of achieving them, developing new insights about themselves and change, and new skills to support their further actions.

Coaching fees are $352 (including GST) per session (session lengths vary) and most projects will span 6-8 sessions, cancellations with less than 24-hours notice incur the full fee. See more details here.


Liz has been delivering workshops and seminars on a range of topics since the late 1990s, beginning with training in nonviolent communication and nonviolent community safety with Pt’chang Nonviolent Community Safety Group and then in nonviolent third party intervention, facilitation and consensus decision making with Peace Brigades International (Indonesia Project).

This was followed by a range of different training programs in both the business, charity, and local government sectors, plus dozens of personal development public workshops and talks.

Liz now focuses primarily on teaching Process-Oriented Psychology in the MPWC Processwork Intensive and as a faculty member of Australia New Zealand Process-Oriented Psychology and the Processwork Institute India.

She also runs training in areas of special interest from time to time, including Trauma-Informed Facilitation.

Liz has a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Facilitation and Facilitation Supervision

Liz has been facilitating groups since the late 1990s, in a wide range of contexts; including women’s university groups, large (100+ people) social action groups, human rights defenders in undeclared civil wars, communities engagement processes, volunteer training and recruitment groups, workplace team conflicts, strategic planning processes, etc.

Liz was also a facilitating staff member at the Greece Worldwork Forum in 2017 and the Warsaw Worldwork Forum in 2014.

While Liz mostly now focuses on social dialogue facilitation and facilitator training, she still engages a small amount of work in conflict, decision making, and strategic planning facilitation.

Liz also pioneers the Process-Oriented Facilitation Supervision Model, whereby the application of reflective practice, ethical oversight, and professional development from the clinical supervision context of therapy, is translated to the facilitation profession, supporting facilitators to not only develop their competence and confidence but to ensure their work is framed with an ethical duty of care to their clients and participants.

Along with the Diploma of Process-Oriented Psychology (a training in both psychotherapy and facilitation), Liz has an Advanced Certificate of Group Facilitation from the Groupwork Institute of Australia.

Qualification Summary

  • Certified Processwork Diplomate
  • Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Science (Hons)
  • Diploma of Management
  • Advanced Certificate of Group Facilitation
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment
  • Current studies – Master of Culture, Health and Medicine (medical anthropology)

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