Who are you?

Character and Temperament

Who Am I?

Is my life fated?

To what degree can I change?

Do you ever wonder if the way you act and live is pre-determined? Or are you the master of your life and decisions? Do you have a set temperament or can you radically change?


This one-day workshop is perfect for people who find themselves in situations in work, relationships or other areas of life where they feel a bit out-of-place; questioning “How did I end up here?” Especially if this question has ‘again’ at the end.

It’s also for people who hold themselves back from making decisions about future directions in their personal life or work; wondering, “Am I the right person?”, “Is it the right job/person for me?”.

A useful exploration also for people in helping professions such as counsellors, therapists, career coaches, teachers etc., and for people interested in personal growth and psychology.


At the beginning of the workshop we’ll travel across time, exploring the theories and practices of character and temperament types, from ancient to present times. We’ll use one ancient and one modern model to explore your own experience through these models (yes, we’ll do some tests:)).

Then we’ll go deeper, exploring the actual and practical meaning of drivers and forces that shape your character, behaviours, feelings, relationships and work.

You’ll uncover some of the less obvious motives that push you or hold you back in important areas of your life, and we’ll bring focus to places where you feel particularly ‘stuck’ or are repeating the same outcomes involuntarily. You’ll learn new ways in which you are unique and what special abilities you can bring to these situations.



The workshop is highly experiential, including paired exercises, guided inner work, and experiential case studies, all designed to leave you with practical take-homes, based in your own personal experiences.


Liz Scarfe is a process-oriented psychotherapist in private practice, certified Processworker, with an IAPOP recognised Diplomate qualification from ANZPOP. Liz also works as a process-oriented coach and group facilitator.

Liz is also a faculty member of Australia New Zealand Process Oriented Psychology and the Process Work Institute of India.

More about Liz here

Grzegorz Zielinski is a Certified Psychotherapist. He also has a Certificates in Process Oriented Coaching and Process Oriented Facilitation, from the Institute of Process Psychology Poland (IPP).

Grzegorz is a faculty member of Australia New Zealand Process Oriented Psychology, Process Work Institute of India, and the Institute of Process Psychology Poland.

More about Grzegorz here



Saturday Dec 1th


10am to 4.30pm (1-hour lunch break)


Second Story Studios
222 Johnston ​St
Collingwood 3066
Late entry to the workshop is not possible. The venue will be open for arrivals from 9.30am to ensure we start on time.





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If you have any questions, please get in touch with us either by phone in business hours, or email.
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