A flexible learning pathway

For those who can’t access the Process Oriented Coaching Program in the group format, whether it be due to distance, date clashes, or learning style preferences, you can now study the program in a flexible one-on-one format with our Lead Coach Trainer and Coaching Supervisor, Grzegorz Zielinski.

You can do the entire program at a distance via online platforms, or face-to-face in Melbourne, or a mixture of both.

This flexible training pathway includes everything the group program covers, you just get to pick when and where you study.

The one-on-one program includes:

  • nine, three-hour training sessions where you will experience the process as a coaching client as well as learn the model as a coaching student. These are best done on a roughly monthly basis, but specific dates and times can be negotiated with the trainer
  • practical application whereby you access and work with two practice coaching clients – these sessions are unpaid (giving you complete freedom to be a learner) and video recorded
  • seven individual supervision sessions where the videos are reviewed for learning and exploration of the coaching tools, skills, and attitudes.

The program fees are payable in three instalments of $1,256. The first is paid prior to commencing the training, and the second and third when you are one-third and two-thirds through the training. If you require addition supervision sessions these are $130 per hour.

The pre-requisite knowledge requirements are the same as for the group format.

For more details or to discuss how to get started, get in touch directly with Grzegorz at or call on 0490 225 602.


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