Primal Brain vs Socialized You

Submission, Domination & Love

Are you fascinated by the idea that inside of us is a primal, animal,  perhaps even brutal part, that is not only responsible for our basic physical activities like breathing, hunger, sexual arousal, fight/flight and domination/submission impulses, but also manifests in our dreams, relationships and impacts decisions in our private and professional life?

If yes, you might find this workshop very interesting.


This one-day workshop is for people who look for meaning in their personal and professional life.

It’s also for people who are going through challenging moments in their life, moments of transition, and perhaps on the verge of big decisions: people who ask themselves ‘what now in my life/work’ but feel no strong direction or motivation.

Professionals working in psychotherapy, counselling, coaching, facilitation and other helping professions are welcome as well as those interested in personality psychology and personal growth.


Drawing from theories based in psychology, psychotherapy, and neuropsychology, we’ll explore our primal brain and how it manifests in our everyday life.

When our primal brain takes over, even just for a second, we often feel disturbed and anxious as our socialized self finds it hard to cope with these unexpected and autonomous impulses, so we’ll explore the relationship between these two seemingly at odds aspects of self.

We’ll also explore our tendencies toward submission and/or domination.

Finally, we’ll step outside of our need for power and control into a bigger, universal perspective; to relate to one’s own everyday self from this bigger perspective is a truly transforming experience.



The workshop is highly experiential, including paired exercises, guided inner work, and experiential case studies, all designed to leave you with practical take-homes, based in your own personal experiences.



The experiential part of the workshop – exercises and case studies, will be based on Process Oriented Psychology (aka Processwork).

Processwork is a comprehensive awareness paradigm that seeks to observe, follow, and support the flow of nature as it emerges and unfolds through people, groups, and communities.

Developed primarily by Drs Arnold and Amy Mindell throughout the 1970s (and ongoing) it combines Taoism, Jungian psychology, communication and systems theory, Shamanic tradition, and quantum physics, into a trainable model that enables practitioners to identify the subtle signals of emergent processes and then help them become more known to the individual or group, such that they increase awareness of self and others.


Liz Scarfe is a process-oriented psychotherapist in private practice, certified Processworker, with an IAPOP recognised Diplomate qualification from ANZPOP. Liz also works as a process-oriented coach and group facilitator.

Liz is also a faculty member of Australia New Zealand Process Oriented Psychology and the Process Work Institute of India.

More about Liz here

Grzegorz Zielinski is a Certified Psychotherapist. He also has a Certificates in Process Oriented Coaching and Process Oriented Facilitation, from the Institute of Process Psychology Poland (IPP). Grzegorz is a faculty member of Australia New Zealand Process Oriented Psychology, Process Work Institute of India, and the Institute of Process Psychology Poland.

More about Grzegorz here



Saturday Feb 9th


10am to 4.30pm (1-hour lunch break)


Melbourne, TBC (will be north/ northeast suburbs).

The venue will be open for arrivals from 9.30am to ensure we start on time.





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