Coaching is an effective tool for getting stuff done. Even better, it helps make sure you’re doing the right stuff in the right order.

Coaching’s useful when:


you want to start a new project or a new role in work or life


you’re stuck in situation, project, or career, looking for a new direction or how to get unstuck


you need support to bring your idea to life or to create a new idea


you’re looking for new approach to your work, art


you need feedback from others and the world to support your new direction


you like to collaborate


Process-oriented coaching is about connecting with your inner direction, recognising where you are now, what you need to leave behind, and how you need to relate to the new things coming.

Process-oriented coaching grows your awareness of self and of how you relate to change and challenge.

Process-oriented coaching weaves intuition and dreams, tasks and plans, feedback, evaluation, and awareness processes, to ensure your diverse potentials are engaged in the goal and are aligned to clear, grounded actions towards achieving it.

Processwork also brings a unique depth of understanding to the coach-coache relationship, clearly delineating the roles of coach, therapist, mentor and manager.

If you’ve got a project/goal in mind but you’re having trouble getting started, or you’ve stalled part-way through, process-oriented coaching can help you make sure the project is the right one for you (and if it’s not, help you work out a new direction), or help you move past the stuck point with awareness and depth.

Who is the coach?

The coach is someone who believes in the coache and their goal.

The coach is interested, understanding, and cheering on the coache.

The coach is trained in coaching, but needn’t have any knowledge of the project area of the coache; they are not an advice-giving mentor, but someone who brings awareness for change.

The coach celebrates success with the coache and accompanies them through the challenges to find meaning in them.

The coach has already achieved goals in their own life. Professional coaches supervise their work.

Who is the coache?

The coache is in a change process, interested in progress, and looking for company to achieve their goal.

The coache is motivated towards action and wants to learn, explore, seek feedback, and collaborate in their project or field of interest.

The coache is ready to step out from their comfort zone, curious about new possibilities.

The coache focuses more on potential and less on problems.

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