MPWC provides individual and relationship therapy services, and work with a range of issues including:

  • mood disturbances
  • motivation
  • life transitions
  • grief
  • trauma and abuse
  • eating and weight issues
  • existential and spiritual crises
  • relationships issues (couples and polyamorous relationships)
  • conflicts
  • betrayal
  • jealousy
  • co-addiction
  • loss of meaning in relationship

Process Oriented Psychotherapy

It’s a deeply non-judgmental approach, where all aspects of yourself and your experiences are seen as important and meaningful. Process-oriented psychotherapy also offers a unique approach to working with the psychological processes within body illnesses and works in a non-pathological way with altered and extreme states of consciousness (i.e. psychosis and uncommon sensory experiences like hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting things others don’t).

Therapeutic Relationship

The process-oriented style of therapy is a collaboration between therapist and client to uncover lost or hidden information about the presenting issues, that when fully known, will offer their own solutions and ways forward. The therapist does not position themselves as an advice-giving expert, but as someone who brings skills to support the client’s awareness of their own nature.

We bring a high level of skills and knowledge into the therapeutic relationship in order to help our clients through times of conflict and life transition.

Most of us often suffer greatly with ‘issues and problems’, and therefore yearn for relief and healing. Processwork invites us to not only suffer and yearn, but to also get curious and learn.

If you are unsure about how or if we can help you, you can contact us by email or phone to discuss the best way for you to be supported.


Grzegorz Zielinski of the Melbourne Processwork Centre can also provide psychotherapy in Polish.


Grzegorz does face-to-face sessions at 17 Grattan St, Carlton  and online.

Business and after-hours session times available.

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