People come to therapy for a variety of reasons (although sometimes they don’t know exactly what these are).

Sometimes they’re in crisis and need help to resolve, work through, or manage a tough situation.

Sometimes it’s a challenging life transition like becoming a parent, retiring, leaving school, changing gender identity, getting married, breaking up, coming out, changing careers, illness.

For others, past experiences of abuse, trauma or neglect need healing and transforming.

And then some people come to grow and get the most out of themselves and their lives, through deepen their self-awareness and developing their skills and personal power (awareness is an inside job that needs outside help).

But most often, it’s a mix of several of the above. Whatever your reason for considering therapy, seeking professional support is a courageous and mature act that regular people do every day.

MPWC offers safe, confidential, non-judgmental and highly skilled psychotherapy services for all kinds of people dealing with all kinds of concerns. The process-oriented model is a humanistic, integrative therapy model that works as a collaboration between you and the therapist to not only support you in tough times, but to build awareness, skills and personal power, in the direction of your own unique path of growth.

The Processwork approach is non-pathologising; your experiences and ways of making sense of your world are seen as meaningful and important in your process of healing, growth and transformation. We don’t pigeon-hole people, behaviours or experiences as normal or not normal, seeing only diverse personalities, responses, and life paths.

We work with people looking for short-term therapy to manage a current crisis,  and those wanting to do long-term healing and awareness work.

The therapists at MPWC are all accredited by the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA), engage in ongoing supervision and training, and maintain professional insurance.

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