If your relationship struggle – whether it be between partners, family, or friends – with issues including:
  • conflict or miscommunications
  • trouble connecting
  • lost trust
  • infidelity
  • power issues
  • addiction and co-addiction
  • sexual difficulties
  • losing meaning in relationship
  • social marginalisation
  • in-law conflicts, pressures
  • sickness and body symptoms
  • grief
  • disturbing atmosphere and moods
Feel welcome to come with your diversity: culture, age, sexuality, gender, race etc – we are passionate advocates for diversity!

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If you have questions, feel free to contact us by phone or email or book a session to discuss your needs and get an overview how we work.


Our relationship therapy sessions are at 5 Railway Place, Fairfield (Liz) and 17 Grattan StCarlton (Grzegorz);

Business and after-hours session times are available.


Sessions with Liz: 5 Railway Place, Fairfield 

Sessions with Liz

Sessions with Grzegorz: 17 Grattan St, Carlton

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