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Read the MPWC Blog or check out some of the links below for more about Processwork / Process-oriented psychology.

Australia New Zealand Process Oriented Psychology (ANZPOP)

ANZPOP is the only IAPOP recognised training program in Australia. They run two Processwork training programs:

Professional Training in Process Oriented Psychotherapy – a two-year part-time program that enables graduates to work as psychotherapists and counsellors, but is useful training for a variety of applications. This qualification is recognised by the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).

Processwork Diploma – this is the highest Processwork qualification and can only be taught in IAPOP recognised programs. It is a minimum of four years full-time study, although the majority of students study part-time and therefore take longer than four years. The personal development of the student is central to the program and so time-frames of completion are inherently unpredictable.


The International Association of Process Oriented Psychology (IAPOP)

Here you can find a brief history of Processwork, an international directory of Certified Processwork Practitioners, list of published books, collection of student theses covering a very broad range of topics and applications, a great glossary of Processwork terms, a bibliography of research work referencing Arnold Mindell’s work, a list of IAPOP recognised Processwork training programs, and information about some of the different applications; clinical work, coma, WorldWork, Deep Democracy, Leadership and Facilitation.


The website of Arny and Amy Mindell

This whole site is just a fabulous treasure trove of articles, information, books, and videos created by Arny and Amy. You can also find out about their upcoming workshops around the world, search for book and articles translated into your native language, or sign up to their mailing list.


The website of Julie Diamond

Julie was one of the early collaborators of Arnold Mindell in the development of the Processwork method and continues to pioneer this work particularly in the area of power and leadership. She is the co-author of A Path Made By Walking (a foundational textbook for learning about Processwork, the first book we recommend to anyone trying to understand the model), Power: A Users Guide (a fantastic guide to personal power and how to use it well), and Patterns of Communication (an incredible exploration of the overlap of linguistics and psychology, free to download).


The Process-Oriented Psychology Wikipedia page

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