insight for getting unstuck

If any of these describe your behaviours or relationship to a project, goal or task in your life (or an ongoing pattern), our Short-Term Therapy for Motivation Issues program might help.

This is a structured, five-session program designed and delivered by MPWC practitioner (psychotherapist and coach) Grzegorz Zielinski that uses the Processwork approach to explore issues of motivation; looking at the behaviours, emotions and reactions around ‘stuckness’; learning about the patterns and disturbances underlying ‘motivation’; and exploring short- and long-term motivation issues, inner criticism, and models and patterns for how overcome obstacles to motivation.


This five-session program isn’t about razzing you up and pushing you to get stuff done.


It’s about helping you explore the deeper processes and patterns underlying what we call ‘motivation issues’  – the things that disturb us and get in the way of what we think we want to achieve – and then finding your own unique ways of getting unstuck, processes and strategies that work for you because they come out of your own unique relationship to ‘motivation’.


In our Short-Term Therapy for Motivation Issues program, you won’t just come away with awareness and a way forward for current projects, but insight, self-knowledge and skills that will support you for years to come, through many projects, goals and tasks.


Sessions can be done either face-to-face in Fairfield, Melbourne, or online. You can either pay per session at the standard session rate of $130, or pay for all five sessions upfront and only pay $110 per session (a total of $550, a discount of $100).

To find out more, contact Grzegorz Zielinski on 0490 255 602 or email


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