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Life Myth

Do you ever wonder if the way you act and live is pre-determined? Or are you the master of your life and decisions? Is there an underlying pattern in your life or is it a chaotic series of events?


This one-day Life Myth workshop is for people who look for meaning in their personal and professional life. It’s also for people who are going through challenging moments in their life, moments of transition, on the verge of big decisions. People who ask themselves ‘what now in my life/work’, but feel no strong direction or motivation will find this workshop interesting and insightful too. Professionals working in counselling, coaching, tutoring are welcome as well as those interested in personality psychology and personal growth.


Following native shamans, ancient Taoists, and modern psychotherapists, we will explore the driving forces behind our everyday actions and events. What we do, our choices, accidents and events that happen to us, express the basic pattern. It also is our basic inner conflict as well as a source of purpose. We call this pattern, conflict and purpose the Life Myth.
You will learn how to find your Life Myth and how to use it in everyday situations. Sometimes you can even look into the future through the prism of your Life Myth (we will play with this too:))
Exploring Life Myth brings a better understanding of the choices we’ve made and the situations we’ve experienced. It helps to better understand long-lasting or repeating conflicts and illnesses. It also gives, sometimes unexpected, insights into our potential to resolve such conflicting situations. Getting in touch with our Life Myth opens us to creativity and spontaneity.
There will be also a brief theory about history and practice on this topic from ancient to present times.


The workshop is highly experiential, including paired exercises, guided inner work, and experiential case studies, all designed to leave you with practical take-homes, based in your own personal experiences.



The experiential part of the workshop – exercises and case studies, will be based on Process Oriented Psychology (aka Processwork).

Processwork is a comprehensive awareness paradigm that seeks to observe, follow, and support the flow of nature as it emerges and unfolds through people, groups, and communities.

Developed primarily by Drs Arnold and Amy Mindell throughout the 1970s (and ongoing) it combines Taoism, Jungian psychology, communication and systems theory, Shamanic tradition, and quantum physics, into a trainable model that enables practitioners to identify the subtle signals of emergent processes and then help them become more known to the individual or group, such that they increase awareness of self and others.


Liz Scarfe is a process-oriented psychotherapist in private practice, certified Processworker, with an IAPOP recognised Diplomate qualification from ANZPOP. Liz also works as a process-oriented coach and group facilitator.

Liz is also a faculty member of Australia New Zealand Process Oriented Psychology and the Process Work Institute of India.

More about Liz here

Grzegorz Zielinski is a Certified Psychotherapist. He also has a Certificates in Process Oriented Coaching and Process Oriented Facilitation, from the Institute of Process Psychology Poland (IPP). Grzegorz is a faculty member of Australia New Zealand Process Oriented Psychology, Process Work Institute of India, and the Institute of Process Psychology Poland.

More about Grzegorz here



Saturday Jan 19th


10am to 4.30pm (1-hour lunch break)


Melbourne. We will provide address soon (will be north/ northeast suburbs).
Late entry to the workshop is not possible. The venue will be open for arrivals from 9.30am to ensure we start on time.


Registrations to “Life Myth” workshop are closed. We invite you to look at our next events: “Processwork Intensive 2019” and “Facilitatind Deep Democracy”.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with us either by phone in business hours, or email.
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